•  TEPHER Product Introduction      

Different types of thermoelectric space heaters are available for diverse applications, including heaters used for parked vehicles, heaters mounted on vehicles, portable heaters, household heaters, and mobile heaters. Each type of heater is specially designed to fit into the specific scenario and satisfy the heating and lighting demands for vehicles, field studies, geological explorations, construction sites, tents, rural areas, tanks, and armored vehicles.

Civil Parking thermoelectric space heater 2kW,4kW TAD02PC-A,TAD04PC-A Heavy trucks,caravans
Vehicle thermoelectric space heater 2kW TAD02PC-A Electric vehicles
Portable thermoelectric space heater 2kW,4kW TAD02MC-A,TAD04MC-A Scientific,Camping
Household thermoelectric space heater 4kW,10kW TAD04MC-A,TAD10MC-A Countryside
Military Mobile thermoelectric space heater 4kW TAD04PM-A,TAD04MM-A Samll tents,tanks,armored vehicles,quartermaster vehicles
10kW,20kW TAD10MM-A,TAD20MM-A A large tent,post,camp
    •  Parking thermoelectric space heater      

The parking thermoelectric space heater highlights a brand new technology developed after years of R&D efforts by the company, featuring self-powering (battery-free), low fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency, and low emissions. This type of heater responds to the traditional challenges, such as poor heating and battery capacity loss, and provides clean and comfortable heating in chilly winter time for heavy trucks, passenger cars, caravans, and electric vehicles.

Civil Military
Main Parameter (MODEL:TAD04PC-A)
Heating capacity 1.2~4kW(Adjustable) Generating capacity 60W
Oil consumption 120g/h~420g/h Rated output 15W
Exhaust gas temperature 220~360℃ Working temperature -40~20℃
Weight 12kg Applicable altitude 0~4500m
Life 8 years Emission ECE R122 standard
Heating in winter for various types of cars