•  Operation Principle      

The operation principle of thermoelectric space heaters is shown in the picture above. Thermal energy of high temperature is generated by burning oil in the combustor, and then it either warms up the cool air to provide heating, or converts into electricity through the thermoelectric module to drive the heater itself or external units.

    •  Advanced Technique     
    •  Unique Strengths     
1.Self-powered and external electricity free
2.Strong heating capacity and high combustion efficiency
3.Low emission with EU R122 Standard compliance
4.Suitable for various extreme scenarios with wide temperature range (-40℃ to 20℃) and altitude range (0 to 4500m)
5.Smart temperature regulation for comfortable heating services with 8 to 10% lower fuel consumption
6.Simple mounting procedure, remote and smart control
7.Small and light, ready to be mounted on vehicles or used otherwise
8.Supplying external lighting and communication equipment with electricity using USB
9.Sound reliability and service life