•  Heating and Lighting for Outdoors and Camps      

TEPHER products are suitable for outdoors and camps, providing heating for campers in scientific explorations, construction sites, and field adventures, and charging lighting equipment, mobile phones, and two-way radios.

    •  Heating for Electric Vehicles      

TEPHER products are used to provide heating for electric vehicles in winter time, featuring strong heating capacity and low emission which is compliant with EU ECE R122 Standard. Unlike traditional heaters, TEPHER heaters have zero reliance on the vehicle battery, thus ensuring the best running performance.

    •  Heating for Parked Heavy Trucks

TEPHER products are used to supply drivers and passengers with heating and electricity when heavy trucks are parked for a break, stuck in traffic jams or breakdowns. In this case, the truck batteries are relieved from overworking during the period of parking, avoiding restart difficulties and shrinking battery life caused by excessive consumption.

    •  Heating and Lighting for the Military

TEPHER products are designed for both military and civil usage, as they are relatively quiet, easy-to-be-concealed, portable, and energy efficient. TEPHER heaters independently (requiring no generator units) provides heating and lighting for tents, prefabricated containers, tanks, and armored vehicles used during military drills in winter time.

    •  Heating for Rural Areas

TEPHER products are widely used in rural areas uncovered by the central heating network, boasting continuous, energy efficient, and environment friendly heating services. Traditional heating approaches are to be replaced, as the heating provided by heating pumps has to be interrupted due to the need of defrosting, and the heating created by burning coals, timbers, and crop straws only exacerbates PM2.5 pollution. In this sense, TEPHER products contribute duly to the new rural construction in a response to the environment protection policies.